Dr. Rosebud

Yadkin Valley Hotel with it’s movie name.

Back when we operated Davis Bros. Store, the movies came to East Bend in 2003, when scenes from the Oscar winning short film “Two Soldiers” were shot inside the general store, the hotel building and on the street between. During this time we had taken the eastern side of the building as our magazine offices. During the filming we continued to work, with phones turned off, on our side of the building while filming went ahead in the store. All of a sudden one irate sound man comes busting through the door and told us we couldn’t be walking around upstairs! They were picking up footsteps on the soundtrack.

Well, all we could do was look at each other and assure him, we both had not left our desks. Not to to be satisfied he wanted who ever was upstairs walking to stop. He and Barbara went upstairs, checked Rosebud’s office, as well as the other rooms to find nobody…. nothing… and there was no way out of the building other than the stairs in our office space.

We understand that Rosebud smoked Lil’ Tiparillo cigars. Out of concern for protecting the old general store building we never allowed anyone to smoke inside. Every once in a while we’d be working in the store to be greeted with the faintest whiff of a sweet cigar smoke.

I kept hoping for another visit with Dr. Rosebud in person, but that was not to be. My last encounter was coming down the long set of stairs late one night, as I almost reached the bottom step a cold rush of air, the kind that makes the hair on your neck stand up, blew over me.  I went home early that evening.

Thanks for letting me share my stories!  John