What Is That?


The What is That item in July-August was s a 10” wooden olive spoon made at the John C. Campbell Folk School Craft Shop near Brasstown by Allegheny Treenware (Treenware:  kitchen utensils made from trees).

The price is $9.00 plus s/h, 1-800-365-5724.

You can also purchase stainless steel olive spoons with openings at both ends! Wish I had this when I was a kid sneaking green olives from the refrigerator and repeatedly leaving a telltale drop of olive brine!

While we had a ton of guesses we only had two correct ones. Winner of the $100 prize is Heather Krafft.  A gift certificate from Yadkin Valley General Store in downtown Elkin goes to Shirley Cothren…both readers come from Winston-Salem.


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