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In the last issue… Our What is That was a Flashlight.

Many of you including, Holly Leatherman identified it as a bullet style from the 1930s. Lots of you said it was a Ray-O-Vac Brand. Most of the memories shared recall fathers and grandfathers using this item. Pat McCoy knew it used “D” batteries and Don Sloan knew it used two batteries.

The first correct draw from the hat,  September/October winners are Jean Adams, a Mount Airy reader, for $100. Loretta Parsons of North Wilkesboro and David Robinette of Hamptonville are winners of Gift Certificates from Yadkin Valley General Store in downtown Elkin.

This is a beautiful piece and while we’ve done a lot of research on it, we haven’t found another flashlight exactly like it. There are no markings or brand name on the light except under the switch that reads “Flash Steady.”

The flashlight came from the attic of John’s uncle’s home in Hickory, along with several other flashlights and thermos bottles, all now displayed and cherished as treasures in John’s office here at the magazine.