What Is That?


In the last issue our What Is That was a Fly Swatter!

A dear, dear, friend, Joyce Ingram ran into John and I at a local mutually favorite eatery and excitedly shared her What Is That?

Whether you call it a shoo fly, fly swat or fly flap, it was used to keep flies off your dinner in a time when most folks did not have screens and only Mother Nature provided air conditioning. Waving the swat gave kids a job of importance within the family!

Audrey dates the fans to the 1930s-40s but some folks still used them in the 50s, we hear. Troy recalls his grandma making a fan like this, … “she waved it across the table to shoo away flies.”. Daisy called it a “fly sweep.” Ann tells us a sourwood branch would be split; paper was slid into the split; the split was then tied shut and the strips were cut. It seems some folks used newspaper and some used fabric.

Josie Sheets, 94 years young, of Mount Airy, won the $100.
Shelby W. Vestal, has a fly flap her mama made in East Bend and June Green of North Wilkesboro both won $10-gift certificates from Yadkin Valley General Store in downtown Elkin.


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