What Is That?


Our September-October  item was a nasal douche.

Rosa Matthews pulled us aside at Mount Olympus Restaurant one evening telling us she had an item for our What Is That contest. After a quick trip out to her car, to get the item, she asked us what is it?, We had no idea. Excited I told Barbara, no one will know what this is, we are going to save $100! Well, holy cow, was I wrong. Hundreds of you knew exactly what it was and what it was… was made in Korea, from 1900 to 1935 and distributed by The Woltra Co.; this glass “Birmingham Nasal Douche” is a precursor to today’s netti pot. You’ll find them priced from $5 to $25 dollars depending on condition, most importantly, is it with the original box and the instructions sheet. By the way, Rosa’s nasal douche originally sold for 30 cents. The first correct entry drawn from the hat was: Sebrina Haneline of Mocksville. Runners up are William North of East Bend and Rhonda Gail Harris of Gastonia.

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